Hey, welcome to my recommended list of resources.

In order to move your business along, you are going to need help along the way (we all do).

These are the exact same tools that I am using each and every day to manage and grow my own businesses.

No – Affiliate Disclosure: Just to be absolutely clear, all the product and service links on this page are direct links, I am not receiving any inducement to send you to these sites, I receive no compensation at all for doing so.

I am only recommending products that I use, or have used myself and that will help you build your own business.

Domains and Web Hosting:

You will need a domain and website to send your traffic to. 

Namecheap. These are my No.1 go to guys for finding and purchasing available domain names, as well as hosting my sites.  Their pricing for domains and hosting is very competitive, but just as importantly, they are super easy to deal with if you ever get stuck, their customer service is fantastic.

GoDaddy.  A great alternative place to find and register domain names, but I don’t use their web hosting.

Bluehost.  Another very well respected web hosting provider, one of the bigger player – so they must be doing something right! 

Email Marketing / Autoresponder:

You will capture e-mail addresses from your website visitors to buid up your list, send out nesletters and tempting offers. 

GetResponse. GetResponse are great and very beginner friendly.  To get you started, they offer a totally free 30 day trial, you don’t even need to give them your credit card until the 30 days are up and you decide that you want to proceed.  You can then go on to their basic plan for just $15 per month.  Full training and support is readily available.

Aweber. Another great option to get you started. They have a Free plan for newbies, but this has limited features, so once you find your feet, you’ll probably want to upgrade to one of their paid plans starting out at around $16 per month.

Mailchimp.  A third option to look at is Mailchimp, although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of GetResponse and Aweber, their free plan is a good place to start whilst you get up to speed.